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Solenoid Valve Working Principle

Solenoid Valve Working Principle

The solenoid valve is a series of gas emergency shut off solenoid valves, specially designed as gas pipe breaker for emergency use . It can be connected with gas leaking detection sensor ,fire alarm circuit or other intelligent sensor modules so that on site or remote shut down on gas supply (manually or automatically) is possible , hence ensuring the safety on gas usage .the valve features an auto-close when strong vibration is detected .After close,manual operation is required to turn on the valve. This feature meets safety regulations in the event of an accident.

solenoid valve with gas detector

solenoid valve with gas detector

RCG411V                                                                                            RCC412V

solenoid valve with gas detector             solenoid valve with gas detector

solenoid valve with gas detector

Operation instruction

1.There are two ways to close the valve:

Note: the protective cover must remain on position at all time.

2.When the valves is closed,manually pull the red knob up to turn it on .then the valve remains on.

Note:the valve may not to be pulled up if gas pressure on both sides(inlet and outlet) is not balanced. Take necessary action to ensure that they are balanced ,then pull the knob up again,force pulling it may result in damage to the valve.

3.The solenoid valve will close automatically when it detects strong vibrations. Should this feature fails, notify the contractor or manufacture for repair.

4.After closing ,careful inspection is required.Do exercise caution when the valve needs to be turned on again.

solenoid valve with gas detector

Installation Requirements

1.Only request contractor can install this solenoid valve.

2 .The solenoid valve must be installed after the indoor main valve.

3 .A solenoid valve should be installed in the gas flow direction marked on the valve body. The coil must not be placed in downward position A valve may be installed horizontally or vertically.

4.the solenoid valve control wires should be connected correctly. White indicates positive while black stands for negative. Mismatch lends to fatal consequences.

5.During pipe maintenance, such as pressurized pipe cleaning .the valve should removed to avoid damages to the valve sealing.

6.During pressure tests, the valve should be turned on.

7.The solenoid valve’s opening knob can be pulled up when equal pressure have been reached at the inler and the outlet of the valve.

8.Wrong polarity, wrong voltage or prolonged power on may damage the electromagnetic coil.

9.Our guarantee does not include any damage to the valve or loss of parts due to keeping or actions in violative regulations.

solenoid valve with gas detector