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Rictron Industrial Co.,Limited, the household detector manufacturer, is a large-scale enterprise specialized in the home security products, which is registrated in HK, 2008. The main products includes the smoke detector, gas detector, carbon monoxide detector, combined detector ect. Our competitive strength has been maintained through constant development and research of new products by customer’s requirements. We serve customers with Quality, Commitment Integrity and Customer Satisfaction.

household detector manufacturerhousehold detector manufacturer factory

Based on our skillful production and competitive prices, we, a professional household detector manufacturer, enjoy a good reputation in the field.With 10 year’s efforts, our factory expand to 5,000 square meters with 8 production lines and 4 automatic assembly lines, as well as plastic injection, SMT machines and other advanced test equipment. Product covers great variety of home security series, such as smoke detector, gas detector, carbon monoxide detector, water detector , combined detector and so on. We offer a wide-variety of goods service to meet the needs of our customers. You can not only choose from our finished products but also request to customize according to the customer demand.

In-house manufacturing, PCB insertion, finishing, assembly and final testing by good training workers under strict administration and supervision system well guaranteed the quality and ensure a real business boost and whooping profits in oversea market. Leading new fashion in home security fields, domination the new thought of security & protection products, we do believe that we will bring our products to the new development stage with joint effort of partners in the near future.

We advocate unity and friendship, a lively working atmosphere, mutual care among employees, help each other and make progress together. The company also hold some outdoor activities, dinner parties or group tours regularly to enrich our spare time.

household detector manufacturer activityhousehold detector manufacturer activities

We continually strive to maintain our unwavering reputation through our exceptional product quality and customer service. We not only offer a complete line of superior quality products, but also work with our customers to develop new formulas and address the burgeoning market. So, we get so many goods response from our global customers.

Looking forward to working with you!