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Why need to use natural gas detector?

Why need to use natural gas detector?

Life is only once, so everyone should cherish it. In order to protect the safety of every one of us, we must attach great importance to protecting our home security. Home natural gas detector is a good tool to take care of your life. Don’t think that dangers will not happen, everyone should be conscious . It is a very important thing to protect our health.

Natural gas detector not only has the alarm function of leakage, but also can prevent direct poisoning caused by gas leakage. After the gas leak, the combustible gas can be audible alarm. The core of gas alarm is gas sensor, commonly known as “electronic nose.”  This is an unique resistance that varies with the gas concentration as the gas alarm sensor resistance “smells” to the gas. When gas reaches a certain concentration, and when the resistance reaches a certain level, the alarm can sound and light alarm. When the red light is on, the buzzer will sound an alarm.

 natural gas detector with valve

When it comes to alarm products, we have to mention the most popular products— gas alarm, This kind of products usually do not need wiring, the installation is very simple. Since natural gas  or LPG gas is lighter than air , it will float up after a leak, so the alarm must be installed near the roof.

There are some advantages to install natural gas detector:

1.All alarms are designed with independent wireless encryption. When installed, it does not destroy the original decoration mechanism, and it can reduce the cost.

2.Natural gas alarm have the function of cutting off the leakage source (solenoid valve) . When the danger occurs, the gas alarm on the solenoid valve can automatically cut off the power, in order to play an effective protective effect.

Modern families have to guard against gas leaks when the gas leak security risks happen, the installation of household gas alarm is a great effective measure to prevent danger, we must pay attention.