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The use of hosehold CO detector

The use of hosehold CO detector

The hosehold CO detector is not unfamiliar for many people. After all , the hosehold CO detector plays a key role in our daily life. But what the principle of the hosehold CO detector? Where to use it? And how to use it ?

According to the field of using, carbon monoxide detector can be divided into household CO detector and industrial CO detector. The other way of using can be divided into wall / fixed carbon monoxide detector and portable carbon monoxide detector. According to your different requirements , carbon monoxide detector can choose different The instrument.

 hosehold CO detector ALARM

So where to use hosehold CO detector? It can be installed in the bedroom and living area or where you think that carbon monoxide may leak. It is recommended in the multi-storey building. It must be installed on each floor, select the location, to ensure that every place you sleep can hear the sound.

hosehold CO detector RCC426B application

Do not install carbon monoxide detector in dirty, dusty or greasy places like garage rooms. Oil, dust or household chemicals will be contaminated or in the alarm on the sensor head, so that the alarm can not work properly. Do not block the alarm vents. To install carbon monoxide detector in a place where it will not be blocked by curtains, furniture or other objects. And do not install carbon monoxide detector in a place where air does not flow in, such as the top of the vaulted ceiling or pointed roof. Do not install carbon monoxide detector in a place where carbon monoxide can not reach the sensor head in time.

Then how to install the alarm? First, select the alarm installation location. Second, attach the battery to the base with the screws in the accessory attached to the wall, then install the battery, and then turn the alarm on the base (note: align the alarm cover with the bar on the base to facilitate Turn the alarm on the base.