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Importance of household smoke alarm

Importance of household smoke alarm

Household smoke alarm is composed of two parts: First, for the detection of smoke sensor sensor, the second is the sound is very loud electronic speakers, in the event of danger can promptly alert people. And to maintain the normal operation of the smoke alarm, only a 9-volt battery on it. Today, the world’s most commonly used smoke alarm is the photoelectric household smoke alarm.

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In the United Kingdom, there are more than 50,000 serious domestic fires each year. Most of the fires cause casualties and significant loss of family property. Some of them also suffer from their neighbors, and the fire losses are even worse. In the investigation of the cause of the fire, the vast majority of fire family of the parties said that before the fire always feel that things are, far away from their own, did not think this time will  happen in their own head.

The main reason for the family fire is the carelessness, there is no timely preventive measures. If you can according to the actual situation of your family in advance to take a simple fire prevention measures, some tragedies can be completely avoided. The use of household smoke alarm in civilian dwellings is essential.

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With the increase of the use of fire in modern homes, the frequency of family fires is increasing. In the event of a family fire, it is easy to appear the following case, not in time to fight the fire, the lack of fire-extinguishing equipment and the panic of the people in the field, the delay of the evacuation, etc., which can lead to the loss of major life and property. Household smoke alarm is a sensor used to detect smoke, and its internal electronic speakers can alert people in case of fire. If household smoke alarm is widely used in residential buildings, it can effectively reduce the serious damage caused by fire.