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How to install the gas leak detector?

How to install the gas leak detector?

Gas leak detector is a kind of detector to detect the gas concentration, and it will be installed in a place where the gas leak may occur. When the concentration of gas in the air exceeds, the alarm of set value detector will be triggered with external sound and then light alarm will send signal. Gas leak detector can automatically start the exhaust device, turn off the gas pipeline valves to achieve the goal of protecting the safety of life and property. In civil safety precautions, it is mainly used for household gas leak detector and is also widely used in places where various types of refineries, oil depots, chemical plants and liquefied gas stations are prone to leak of combustible gas.

gas leak detector

How to choose the installation position and install the gas leak detector?

1. The installation position should keep horizontal distance between 1 ~ 2 m with such gas leakage source, like kitchen gas stove or gas water heater.

2. Detect the natural gas, the artificial coal gas; Installation height from the ceiling is not more than 30 cm

3. Detection of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG); Installation height from the ground is not more than 30 cm

4.Remove the mounting bracket on the back of the home gas alarm, fix the mounting bracket on the wall, tag mounting holes position, hole in the wall and use screw fixation. Because of the household gas alarm weight is lighter, if there is no drilling tools, also can use powerful double-sided adhesive fixed mounting bracket.

5.Put the gas leak detector into the mounting bracket slot, connect the power cord and emergency cut-off solenoid valve connecting gas solenoid valve (if any), and complete the installation.

About the installation of gas leak detector, we should pay attention to these points:

(1) The alarm probe is mainly in contact with the detection element of the combustion gas sensor. The platinum wire coil is made up of alumina and adhesive to form a sphere. The outer surface of the probe is attached with rare metals, such as platinum and palladium. Therefore, care must be taken during installation to avoid breaking the probe.

(2) The height of the alarm installation should be not high, in order to facilitate maintenance personnel for routine maintenance.

(3) Alarm is a safety instrumentation, audio, light display, it should be installed in the staff easy to see and easy to hear, so as to eliminate hidden dangers.

(4) There should be no strong electromagnetic field (such as high-power motors and transformers) around the alarm for the instrument.

(5) The density of gas to be measured is different, indoor probe installation location should be different. The gas density is less than the air density, the probe should be installed 30cm away from the roof, the direction down; on the other hand, the probe should be installed 30cm away from the ground, the direction up. When using an RVV cable, a metal tube is needed and to secure the metal tube to ground.

All in all, gas leak detector is important for families. And we should have the correct way to install it.