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How to prevent winter gas poisoning?

How to prevent winter gas poisoning?

There is terrible so many news reports the gas poisoning. Because of poor ventilation, the installation of the house chimney is unreasonable, the climate condition is not good, can cause gas, also difficult to circulate out, when using the coal stove heating and cooking in confined room. City residents to use gas pipeline, pipeline of carbon monoxide concentration from 25% to 30%, if the pipeline leak, the flame was extinguished in a switch is not tight or cooking, gas overflow in great quantities, also can cause poisoning. Again, use gas water heater, ventilated bad, wash bath time too long also easily cause gas poisoning. That’s to say, to install a gas alarm detector is very important for each famliy.

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Performance of gas poisoning:

Mild: headache, dizziness, panic, nausea and vomiting;

Moderate: flush red, lips cherry red, sweat, irritability, gradually coma;

Severe: delirium, exhalation, incontinence of incontinence, cold limbs, dilated pupils, decreased blood pressure, weak or stopped breathing, stiff or paralytic limbs, myocardial damage or arrhythmia.

Prevention of gas poisoning:

1. After cooking, you must check whether the stove and pipe valves are closed.

2.Check whether the hose is firm and replace the aging hose regularly. It is best to change it once a year.

3.Do not sleep in a room with gas facilities, such as changing the kitchen to a bedroom when decorating.

4.The water should be guarded by special people, and the water should not be too full, so as not to overflow the water and extinguish the fire.

5.Use an electronic cooker to check for fire when you hear the ignition.

6.If the utility of the gas installation is not to be changed privately, it is necessary to apply to the gas management office for the change of the gas pipeline. The special person shall be responsible for the installation and the scientific stress test of the modified facilities.

7.When renting a house to a foreign population, tell the tenant to regulate the operation.

8.Use gas water heater to pay attention to exhaust air, keep the air clear, can not                install gas water heater in the bathroom.

9.The kitchen should be matched with the gas source, such as gas,can not install natural gas and other stoves.

10.Install the gas alarm detector, plug in the power, and keep it working.


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