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2017 hot seller–AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

2017 hot seller–AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

Nowadays,  there  are  many  new  methods  of extinguishing, here, we will introduce one safe and efficient extinguisher–2017 hot seller AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball.

It Tcan be installed in a place where is easy to touch fire, and it can be automatically explode within 3-5 seconds after touch fire. It has light weight and it is appropriate for the old and the young to make use of it.  AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball will make noise when it is used, which can be  served  as a sound of alarm. What’s more, this product is environmentally harmless.

It looks nice and  light in weight. Fire can be put off immediately. It is a kind of completely automatic  product for home use. It will automatically explode within 3-5 seconds after touch of fire. The effective extinguish area is 3 cubic meter.

Fire extinguisher ball AFO

As for product package, there will be a iron stand in it ,we can put the Ball  on the iron stand. We can put it on the iron stand, or we can throw it to fire spot to achieve the goal of extinguishing. In the case of sudden fire , the ball can extinguish fire immediately, because it can explode within 3-5seconds after touch fire.  AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball in the case of uncontrollable fire fire extinguishing , can be easily achieve the goal of extinguishing fire.

AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball can act as an alarm, since it can produce 101.2 decibel sound when extinguishing , can act as alarm ,automatically inform fire , automatic fire extinguishing.The more it is in unattended important areas, the more it canshow the good effect of the ball.

AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is environmental non-toxic. The AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is made from environment material ,  it is completely not lethal . Even within a short distance does not constitute any harm and pollution. Because AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is spherical, the ball force is more equal when the ball is in the center of the ball, so it can spread the fire powder evenly in the body to achieve the fire-fighting effect.

fire extinguisher ball package

For the whole year, there is no need to maintain: AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is your full automatic fire extinguishing equipment for the whole year,the quality of the 5 years warranty is not replaced , but is not maintained.

AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball device cconsists of foam shell, dry powder actuator and ABC powder extinguishing agent. AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball device external ball in a cross wire winding, when external lead was lit, driving mediumis activated , a rapid expansion in shell, dry powder fire extinguishing agent to reserve rapid injection and quickly to all around , from the total flooding fire, flame under the physical and chemical combination of dry powder was put out.