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What Are The Application Fields of Gas Detector

What Are The Application Fields of Gas Detector

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natural gas leak detector

  NO.           ITEM    MODEL             DESCRIPTION    MOQ        PACKING
   1     Gas Detector RCG411/411V * Superior sensor are adopted for this product
* Power Source :220V AC
* Sensitivity : 3%-20%LEL
* Power Consumption : 1.7W
* Operating Temperature : -10℃ ~ 50℃
* Power, fault and Alarm indication
* Horn Level :85 Decibels
* Type Of Gas Sensed :
+ LPG (Butane, Propane)used in normal and mini gas bottles
+ Gas from piping system (city gas) and natural gas (Methane)
* Can be connected with Valve (12VDC Output) for RCG411V only,model with Plug and model with Cable for your choice
* CE ,EN50194 Approved
1000PCS Carton Size:
Color Box Package


The smoke detector can be used in any area. It is an indispensable partner for human beings. When a dangerous gas is present, it emits an alarm of 85 Decibles to help people leave the scene of danger early.

Application Area

Residential building, bank, factory, feaching building, shipping mall, warehouse, hotel, library etc.

natural gas leak detector

To own our gas detector is to own a safe home.

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