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Do you really know the naked eye 3D hologram fan

Do you really know the naked eye 3D hologram fan

Maybe many people don’t know what an naked eye 3D hologram fan. I’m here to anwer for you, maybe you will like it and want to buy.

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3D hologram fan

3D hologram fan is also called “3D” commercial machine, is the use of the characteristics of people with both eyes parallax, without any auxiliary equipment (such as 3D glasses, helmet, etc.), can be achieved with space, depth, realistic stereo images.The things in the picture can either protrude out of the picture or be hidden in the picture.Colorful, distinct, vivid and lifelike, it is a real three-dimensional image.Naked eye stereo image with its real vivid expression, elegant environmental appeal, strong visual impact by the majority of consumers.

Features of naked eye 3D display:

1. The naked eye 3D fan display

can get rid of 3D glasses and easily experience the 3D image effect of infinite technology.

2. The naked eye 3D hologram fan adopts the column-lens design, which has the advantages of high contrast, high resolution, high brightness, low crosstalk and so on, so that the 3D images can be deepened and moved clearly, and the advertising images are just like the real objects.

3. The naked eye 3D hologram fan is compatible with 2D and 3D sources, and it can switch freely without obstacles. The picture is more profound and has more visual impact.

4. The naked eye 3D hologram fan can adopt support wall hanging and three-dimensional design, and can maximize the utilization rate of surrogate space.

Glasses-free 3 d advertising viewing, attention must be compared to a traditional display has more advantages, the owner of the store all know that the client will because the image of the store and decided to purchase decisions, the income that affect businesses.Therefore, the environmental cleanliness, product display and store design of the store are not only important reference factors for consumers to purchase, but also the key points for them to return to the store for re-purchase.The naked eye 3 d advertising machine and other products can help strengthen the store image, the show through the stereo image, high quality products, to restore a more real and convincing consumers products, the favorable consumers to strengthen the high-tech and modern feeling of the store.

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